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Novak Djokovic Secures Victory as Busta Accuses Him of Feigning Injury

Carreno Busta accuses Novak Djokovic of feigning injury

Carreno Busta accuses Novak Djokovic of feigning injury

Novak Djokovic played the game of his life as he dismantled Pablo Carreno Busta in their latest match-up at the Roland Garros courts. Securing a victory was quite important to the Serbian player who has been one of the best sportsmen in the history of the game ever knows. The tennis odds today do not necessarily support him always, but Djokovic has been able to beat all odds.

Will he now overcome the critique coming from Pablo Carreno Busta whom he defeated hours ago? That depends. On the one hand, Djokovic is the least conflicting personality. Over his long career, he has hardly uttered a bad word – whether in person or in private – against a fellow player, and he is determined to keep it this way.

When fans were livid with him over walking out of a mid-game, and depriving them of the opportunity to watch their hero, Djokovic got quite a bit of flak. People called him out on social media and said that he had let them down. Of course, Novak Djokovic had to leave, because a shoulder injury caused him a debilitating pain, he later explained.

Djokovic Always Acts Like a Champion

Yet, his attitude was one of a champion. Djokovic apologized for having cost fans a pretty penny for the tickets and agreed that he would have been pissed off himself.  But was Djokovic playing all along? If you love the man, you would have a hard time believing it, as would anyone else. However, Busta didn’t mince his words.

Djokovic was pushing through a lot of pain, it seemed in his game against Busta, and even called out a masseuse in mid-game, killing Busta’s momentum. Now, there is no evidence that Djokovic, a player who has won it all, would ever try to cheat, at the end of his career – more or less, but Busta isn’t convinced.

Something happened in the warm-up, Carreno said. He didn’t surprise me, Busta added, but the fact he would stop the game was annoying enough he continued. Well, if you had a bet on Busta winning over Djokovic, the tennis odds were really friendly. Anyone who is actually interested in tennis betting will tell you that these small upsets in the flow of a game, such as stopping the entire game so that your opponent can get a massage, is definitely impactful.

Of course, there is the possibility that Busta himself lost his concentration and was too worked-up over Djokovic and the perceived cheating that was going on. However, Djokovic has had the same injuries for over five years now. Something that Busta allocated to a ploy.

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Tennis Players Are Prone to Antics

Of course, if you have been following tennis at all you probably know that there is a lot of ego going in each game. Tennis players are somewhat notorious about the bad blood that is always developing between them. Nick Kyrgios has been particularly well-known for his antics and his overall attitude against Rafael Nadal.

Sure, there are hardly any reasons why this shouldn’t be. After all, sports see a lot of people fighting, altercating and generally exchanging impoliteness on the court or field. It’s the nature of the beast and players ought to be a little more aggressive to make things work.

Tennis has definitely seen quite a few feuds but they have mostly sorted out in the end. The civilized tone of the game is what appeals to most people who follow the game and that is why events such as Roland Garros are trying to enforce standards of civility and mutual respect.

That is always a good strategy. Players who are looking to really stand out will always try to keep a good public profile. Well, in the case or Nadal and Kyrgios this doesn’t apply, but only because Kyrgios has gone way, way out of his way to make Rafael feel uncomfortable.

Either way, tennis is a great game. We don’t believe Djokovic was feigning an injury or that he needs to gain an upper hand. Of course, for Busta, the game wasn’t quite fair and square – but it is what happened in the end.

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