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History of Carom Billiards balls, Rules, Equipment and More

Carom Billiards

Carom Billiards

Carom billiards is a family sport which is decorated with cloth cover and without a packet system. It is a scoring system sport where one player tries the cue ball on the other object part. Carom billiards has strong discipline. It’s a type of sport that starts with a C character. However, the observer thinks that carom billiards was invented in the United States, but France indeed invented that.

In the Asian continent, countries South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines are the most popular sports. The carom billiards governing body is UMB. UMB means The Union Mondiale de Billard.

History of Carom Billiards

There is an idea that in the 18th century, it was invented. For the rule or the system of 1962, only one ball can drive for three counts. In the nurse process carom billiard, develop and increase counts technique. There is some process. One of the rails the nurse is very significant.

The linear rail system is most popular among the carom player and spectators in the European continent. Europe held pentathlons which are the biggest competitions.

This competition featured five disciplines and has four features 47.1 balklines, 71.2 balklines, and three billiards of cushion.

The U.S. was playing with straight rail from 1873-1879, but now it has become uncommon.

Carom Billiards Rules

The rules of Carom Billiards, by the object, stroke one cue ball and hit the other two cue object balls. Then will be counted as 1 point in carom billiards sport. It is arranged by three cushions wherein the cue ball touches the cushion one time or three more.

Carom Billiards, also known as French billiards or carambole, is a cue sport played on a pocketless table with three balls. The objective is to score points by caroming your cue ball off both object balls in a single shot. Here are the basic rules of Carom Billiards:

  1. Equipment: Carom Billiards is played on a rectangular table that typically measures 2.84 meters by 1.42 meters (9 feet by 4.7 feet). The table has no pockets. Three balls are used: two white object balls and a red cue ball. The balls are usually made of ivory or synthetic materials.
  2. Players: The game is typically played with two players or two teams of two players each. Each player or team has their own cue ball, and the players take turns shooting.
  3. Objective: The objective of Carom Billiards is to score a set number of points, usually determined before the game starts. Points are earned by making a carom, which is achieved by hitting both object balls with the cue ball in a single shot.
  4. Opening Break: The player who goes first is determined by a coin toss or other means. The opening player must contact at least one object ball with the cue ball on their shot. Failing to do so results in a foul.
  5. Shot Execution: To score a carom, the cue ball must make contact with both object balls in a single shot. However, there are various restrictions on how the carom can be achieved, such as:

    a. No direct contact: The cue ball must not hit either object ball directly without first making contact with the other ball or a cushion.

    b. Minimum number of cushions: Generally, at least one cushion must be contacted by either the cue ball or one of the object balls after hitting the first object ball.

    c. Specific order: Some variations of Carom Billiards require the cue ball to contact the first object ball before the second object ball, while others allow the balls to be hit in any order.

  6. Fouls: Fouls result in penalty points or loss of turn. Common fouls include:

    a. Not contacting any object ball with the cue ball.

    b. Missing all object balls completely.

    c. Making a double hit, where the cue ball strikes one object ball twice without contacting the other object ball or cushion in between.

    d. Striking the cue ball more than three times in a single shot.

  7. Scoring: Each successful carom earns the player a predetermined number of points, usually based on the type of carom made. The specific scoring system may vary depending on the region or specific variant being played.
  8. Winning the Game: The game continues until a player or team reaches the predetermined number of points required to win. The first player or team to reach or exceed that target is declared the winner.

Carom balls

In carom billiards, there are types of standard balls. The three colors are the yellow object ball, red cue ball, and white object ball.

Carom billiards how many balls

Carom billiards is known as French billiards. Without a pocket, there are three balls. There are two types of balls one is red, and the other is white. The red ball hits the other two balls or white balls. It is also a cue ball that helps to attain points.


There are several types of equipment these are:

Here is a list of the essential equipment needed to play the game:

  1. Carom Billiards Table: The table used in Carom Billiards is rectangular and typically measures 2.84 meters by 1.42 meters (9 feet by 4.7 feet). It has no pockets, providing a smooth, flat surface for the balls to move across.
  2. Balls: Carom Billiards is played with three balls: two white object balls and a red cue ball. The balls are typically made of ivory or synthetic materials. The cue ball is slightly larger than the object balls, allowing for better visibility during play.
  3. Chalk: Chalk is used to enhance the friction between the cue tip and the cue ball, providing better control and reducing miscues. Players apply chalk to the tip of their cue stick before each shot to ensure proper contact with the ball.
  4. Cue Rack: A cue rack is a stand or wall-mounted holder used to store the cue sticks when they are not in use. It helps keep the cues organized and prevents damage to the tips or shafts.


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People also ask

Is Carom in the Olympics?

Carom is not included in the Olympic sport. In the Asia continent, it is the most popular sport among men and women.

Who is the best player in the World in Carom?

Anthony Maria Irudayam is the best Carom player in the World. He was the best Indian carom player and was born in 1956. He won two times World Carom Championship and won the Indian national championship nine times.

What is the size of the Carom board?

The size of a standard carom board is 29 × 29 inches or 74 × 74 cm. The Carom is a square, and it borders 5 to 10 cm.

What is the difference between Carom and billiard?

The difference between Carom and billiard is that you can shoot the ball in the second pocket, and with Carom, you shoot the ball in the object packet.

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