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History of Banger Racing Teams, Rules and News

One of the unique motorsports in the world is banger racing. It originated in Australia when competitors took old cars that had been crashed or wrecked in car accidents and modified them for competition. Banger racing is still popular in Australia, England, with events taking place at various circuits throughout the country.

The tracks are often extremely short with tight turns, making it difficult to drive fast without crashing due to a lack of space to maneuver.

History of Banger Racing

In the early days of the Superbike scene, Banger Racing was well known for its Pro 2 race team. Starting in the early 1960s, the team won four AMA Pro National Championships (1969, ’71, ’72, and ’73). Banger is a shale, dirt, and chalk track type of popular motorsport sport. It is famous in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, and Ireland.

In addition, the team’s star riders, Dick Porte and Mike Hailwood, were the dominant drivers in the sport. Two Banger Racing riders, Roy Nissen and John Surtees were AMA Champions, and Nissen won the inaugural World Championship in 1974.

Rules of Banger Racing

The Banger Racing BSA-BMW Superbike rules are very similar to the rules of the other Superbike teams, with a few exceptions. First, Banger sports does not use a rear wing like most Superbike teams. The rear underslung suspension accomplishes the rear wheel lifting, and the Banger Racing crew uses thicker tubular downtubes for increased ground clearance. The Racing bikes also have no side panels, which allow them to be easily repaired by a technician.

Equipment of the sports


Banger Racing uses a slightly modified version of the Ducati 749 SFV. The 749 SFV is a streetfighter with a 750cc engine that produces and of torque. The bike uses a 5-speed transmission with the standard racing gear ratios. The bike is also equipped with a steel frame, a single shock, and disc brakes.


The Banger Racing team competes in the Supermoto class of the World Superbike Championship.

Here’s a short list of equipment commonly used in Banger Racing:

  1. Race Car: Participants in Banger Racing use old or scrap cars that are modified for racing. These cars are typically stripped down, reinforced, and equipped with safety features.
  2. Safety Equipment: Safety is paramount in Banger Racing, and drivers are required to wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, fire-resistant racing suit, gloves, and racing shoes.
  3. Roll Cage: A roll cage is a metal frame structure installed inside the car to provide protection to the driver in the event of a rollover or collision.
  4. Seat and Safety Harness: A racing seat and safety harness are crucial for keeping the driver securely positioned in the car during high-speed racing and collisions.
  5. Fire Extinguisher: A fire extinguisher is mandatory in Banger Racing cars to quickly respond to any fire incidents that may occur during a race.
  6. Racing Fuel: Banger Racing cars typically use racing fuel, which is specially formulated for high-performance engines and provides optimal power and efficiency.
  7. Racing Tires: Cars used in Banger Racing are equipped with appropriate racing tires that provide optimal grip and performance on the track.
  8. Track Barriers: The racing circuit is lined with barriers made of tires, concrete blocks, or other materials to provide protection to both drivers and spectators.
  9. Track Officials and Safety Crew: Banger Racing events have track officials and safety crew members who monitor the race, enforce rules, and respond to any incidents or emergencies that occur.
  10. Tools and Equipment: Mechanics and pit crew members use various tools and equipment, such as jacks, wrenches, and tire changing equipment, to perform maintenance and make repairs during the race.

In Final Word

Superbike Qualifying, the team finished in the top 10 in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, with the most recent being a 9th-place finish.

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