History of Chess Boxing Rules, Teams, And News

Chess boxing or Chess is the sport of combines both boxing and chess. It is one type of hybrid sport. Also, it is a traditional sport that introduces chess and boxing. Until one player wins they continue chess or boxing without rest.

From the first step to the knockout step, both combatants play to their best ability. Similar to general chess sport when it ties one can win by boxing. It’s a type of sport that starts with C character.

History of chess boxing

Enki Bilal is the book artist who is the inventor of chess boxing. He is a French well-known comic book writer. Iepe Rubingh was a famous Dutch artist with his first performance of this sport.

WCBA is the Association of Government. WCBA means World Chess Boxing Association and WCBO means World Chess Boxing Organization.

It is a popular sport amongst India, Russia, Finland, and the United Kingdom people. In 1970, the London boxing club first combines both chess and boxing (because of an earlier version).

Equipment of the sports

It is held by the rules of common boxing and chess such as a boxing ring and chess paper with chess shoulders. The ring field is decorated by a table, chessboard, and seating chair. For every round, these instruments moved in the field and outside.

Inventor of Chess Boxing

The brothers of Robinson first played boxing chess after finishing the training session. They were playing against one brother to another in one round. It was their regular habit. The popular film kung fu is created by Joseph Kuo, by the inspiration of this film; in 1979 first, the sport was invented.

In Berlin, the first boxing chess took place in 2003. At the same time, Amsterdam’s first chess boxing championship was held. Iepe Rubingh was the first champion in the history of chess boxing. He was a Dutch middleweight chess boxer. Jean Louis Veenstra was the first runner-up chess boxer.

Popular Chess boxing Country

In 1992 the sport was invented in the sports world. From 1992 to the present, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Russia, Japan, and France were played continue and now it separates all over the world. Among most popular sports like cricket, football, volleyball, and chess boxing is now one of the most popular sports.

Chess boxing rules

If one boxing player participated in Chess boxing sport he must attain at least an 1800 rating. In a chess round or boxing round, the players may be winning. Boxing plays five rounds, and chess plays six rounds. In the before round, the winner cannot be stopped without completing.

Rules and regulations

One game has eleven rounds and started with chess and ends with chess. Every round has a 1-minute interval and 3 minutes last. Every chess boxer has a fixed time of 9 minutes in each game.

Weight rules

Like other sports, it has weight rules for men and women.

For chess boxing men age 17 years+

  • Lightweight- 70 kg
  • For Middleweight- 80 kg
  • Light heavyweight- 90 kg
  • Heavyweight- 90+ kg

Women age is 17 years+

  • Lightweight-55 kg
  • Middleweight-65 kg
  • Light heavyweight-75 kg
  • Heavyweight-75+ kg


Is it chess or is it boxing?

It combines both chess and boxing. It is started with chess and ends with chess, in 11 rounds there is 3 boxing round.

What is the purpose behind chess boxing?

The purpose of chess boxing is very effective. It is a difficult sport that needs the brain and then brawn. So, it increases both brains and brawns in this type of player.

Is fighting like chess?

Chess is the brain skill sport and boxing is the strength sport. Also, Chess is constrained by pressure and time.

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